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Grain-cleaning separator БСХМ-50

This machine designed for cleaning grain (wheat, barley, oat, rye etc.) from the impurities, different from it in width, thickness and aerodynamic properties. БСХМ brand separator line is very successful project of our designers. The machine also can divide the grain into fractions. Go to

Steamer ПЗ-5

The steamer ПЗ-5 is designed for hydrothermal processing of cereal grain in order to improve the technological properties of the grain and increase the consumer properties of the finished product. Go to

De-awner ЦОС-1 (Equipment for awn removal and polishing cereal)

Centrifugal de-awner ЦОС-1 is designed to remove awns and fluff out of oats and barley grain at cereal mills. Go to

Degerminator СІМО ДС-2

The degerminator is designed for finishing and polishing different cereals, and degermination of corn to separate germinable grains. Go to

Peas shelling machine СІМО ЦШС-3(02)

Peas shelling machine СІМО ЦШС-3 (02) consist of two working parts – rotor and upper conic deck, which placed in home bearing unit and in strong steel body. The working parts are supplied by individual drives and they may have thin control of rotational speed by frequency converter. The frequency converter is placed on electric motor. Go to

Grain-cleaning separators БСХ-400 and БСХ-500

Grain-cleaning separator БСХ-500 and БСХ-400 designed for pre-cleaning (elevator mode) and final cleaning (mill mode) of grain, leguminous crops, oilseeds from the impurities, different from it in width, thickness and aerodynamic properties. They separate by airflows and sieves. They can work in elevators, flour mills, cereal mills, feedstuff mills. Go to

Screening machine ЦС-1М

The screening machine ЦС-1М is designed to control various products of grain processing. The machine consists of a bed in which there are a fast-rotating whip rotor and the slow-rotating sieve drum surrounding it. The whips are attached to the flail rotor. The mounting design allows you to change the angle of attack of the scourges along the length to regulate the residence time of the product in the working area. Go to

Vertical steamer ПЗ-6

Steamer vertical designed for hydrothermal processing of cereal grain (oat, buckwheat, barley, wheat, rice, peas, corn). As a result of the hydrothermal treatment, the dehulling coefficient increases, as well as the quality, yield and consumer properties of cereals. Go to

Table separator МСХ-60

Table separator МСХ-60 is designed to separate hulled grain product of oat, rice, buckwheat and other grain at cereal mills and grain-cleaning processing lines. Go to

Shaft dryer СШ

Shaft dryer is designed to dry cereal grain and groats. Go to