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All types of cereals

What types of cereals are the most popular and in particular demand in different countries.


Buckwheat is a very nutritious cereal crop, traditional for Ukraine, Canada, north-west region of France (Bretagne). Due to the trend for healthy "whole grain nutrition", buckwheat is beginning to become more popular around the world. Buckwheat contains easily digestible protein and is rich in dietary fibre. They make the body feel satiated, help to remove toxins from the body, thanks to which buckwheat groats are very "liked" by athletes, as well as followers of vegetarianism and healthy lifestyle. Demand increase affects the redistribution of attention and resources of farmers in exporting countries. Buckwheat and millet are valuable cereal crops that have great potential for exports.

Buckwheat includes 12,6 % of protein, part of which is in composition of albumin and globulin fractions. Thanks to these fractions, the nutrients of buckwheat are easily absorbed by the human organism. Buckwheat contains amino acids: albumin, globulin, prolamine, lysine, histidine and threonine. In the content of lysine and methionine, buckwheat has no equal among all types of cereals in general. The proteins of this cereal are comparable to those of chicken eggs or cow's milk powder in biological value.

Note: SIC “AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” designs and involve technologies and all of equipment complete set to buckwheat and millet process (de-hulling) of any productivity. Roll huller СГР is an indispensible part of the set of technological equipment at buckwheat and millet mills.

Buckwheat and Millet Cereal Process Technology


Pea. Barley. Wheat

It must be said about the benefits of pea groats. Porridge made of this cereal is a traditional meal that is prepared in many countries around the world. The mineral contain is so rich. It contains potassium, sulfur and phosphorus in abundance. All of they are responsible for nervous activity, reproductive function, cardiovascular system. It also is a good source of proteins of plant origin, superior in protein content to meat of chickens, pigs, rabbits, beef.

Wheat. It's the most popular grain crop of the world. It is the only grain crop whose family includes about 20 kinds of species. Wheat is rich in gluten, builds a strong immune system as it helps build new cells. Wheat cereal helps to restore strength after physical activity, illness, stress. Wheat-based products help to establish digestion, prevents intestinal disorders, it regulates metabolic processes in the body. The specific feature of wheat groats, like buckwheat and pea groats, is their high iron content. Thus, it is recommended for anemia as a product that increases the haemoglobin content in the blood. But it must be remembered that the maximum benefits of the cereal are found in its whole, unpeeled grains.

Whole grains contain unique antioxidant compounds called phytates. What does it mean? It brings prolonged saturation. The body is not distracted by unhealthy snacks, as it is engaged in more serious work - processing complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Barley cereal and flakes are rich in dietary fibre, so they are good for cleansing the body, obesity, constipation, diabetes mellitus.

Note: our company designed unique technological scheme and equipment complete set for barley, wheat and pea cereal production with productivity of 36 - 180 t/d of grain. In today's situation, the aggregated Groats mini factory Р6-МКЦ-15 brand is mostly in demand. The special demand is for Peas shelling machine СІМО ЦШС-3 (02) which is designed for perfect pea groats getting (half peas).

Universal Technology of Processing Fine Barley, Wheat and Pea Cereals



Oats were “born” in North Africa and in the Middle East. Today, oats are grown in many countries. But the main producers and sellers of oats on foreign markets are the European Union countries and Canada in the last years. And oats are consumed all over the world. Among Europeans, Norwegians and Finns are showing the most interest in oats. For example, as we know, consumption of wholemeal oat bread in Finland is even 40 times higher than in other European countries.

Oats are characterised by their resistance to negative factors. Its seeds have got high nutritional value. High filminess of oats of 25 - 30 %. Oats structure features: the oat kernel has a relatively thin fruiting shell and aleurone layer, which together constitute 9 - 11 % of the grain weight.

Oat products have special features. For example, they have got higher calorie content compared to other cereal products. They also have large content of protein and fats. There are lots of vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin) and range of micronutrients in oat products.

Everyone knows that oats in the human diet most often appear as flakes!

Oat cereal often is intermediate raw material for the production of flakes. Presence in oat flakes of water-soluble mucus-forming polysaccharides gives therapeutic effect and has a gentle effect in gastrointestinal diseases. The content of lycine in oat flakes favorably affects the nervous system, liver, prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Note: SIC “AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” develops technologies and supplies completed equipment for oat cereal mills with universal flakes producing lines of productivity from 36 up to 180 t/day of grain.

Oat Process Technology


Corn (Maize)

A peculiarity of maize grain structure is the presence of a large germ, the mass of which is 8 - 14 % of the grain. The germ includes a lot of vitamin E and fats, which has good food characteristics. Corn groats are rich in fibre, B vitamins, trace elements, including zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium. It contains 79.9 g of carbohydrates (per 100 g) and 6.73 g of proteins. There are about 340 kCal in 100 grams of corn groats. Corn groats contain phytosterols, which help lower blood cholesterol levels and thereby improve heart health. The peculiarity of this cereal also is that it does not contain gluten, which is contraindicated for many people!

Corn is also used extensively in the distillery industry! We'd like to remind you that the main valuable component of the grain, which directly affects the characteristics of ethyl alcohol, is starch. Corn as a raw material in ethanol technology has significant advantages over the main crops for the alcohol industry. It is due to starch content. By using corn as a raw for bioethanol, costs can be reduced by an order (significantly). This will increase the profitability of the alcohol enterprise. More starchy raw materials reduce the consumption of thinning enzymes and increase the concentration of the fermentation product.

Note: SIC “AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” designs and supplies equipment for cereal mills (cereal producing with embryo separation). It's also used in further processing of corn into bioethanol or food alcohol, with capacity from 150 tonnes/day of grain to 450 tonnes/day.

Corn Process Technology



Rice is the basic product in n the diet of more than 3.5 billion people in the world. The largest countries, which consume rice groats, are China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Some specifics of rice groats production: Typically, many rice batches, especially those harvested under unfavorable conditions, contain a large number of cracked kernels. During such rice processing, they can get up to 15-20% of crushed cereal, which is undervalued. The only means that can significantly reduce the amount of crushed kernel in processing is hydrothermal treatment.

Note: a distinctive feature of the technology of SIC “AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” when processing rice into rice groats is the presence of a hydrothermal treatment module after the grain cleaning department and before the hulling department. Hydrothermal grain processing let to have steamed rice, which is better than ordinary rice groats in terms of its nutritional value.

Rice Hydrothermal Treatment