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Aspiration and ventilation


Сyclone cleaning rig ББЦ, ББЦп

Сyclone cleaning rig ББЦ (ББЦсп) are designed for cleaning dust-laden air aspirated from the equipment of elevators, flour, groats and feedstuff mills. Go to

Dust radial flow fan ВРП

Dust radial flow fan ВРП is applied in the dust collecting units of grain pneumatic transportation systems, to remove wood chips and metal dust from machines. Go to

Cyclones ЦОЛ

ЦОЛ cyclones are designed for dry air cleaning in pneumatic conveying systems and suction networks. Mostly used in suction installations on elevators. Go to

Medium pressure radial fan ВСД

Medium pressure radial fan ВСД is designed to be installed in the grain and its products pneumatic transport systems, in the aspiration systems of the equipment and machines as an exhauster for transporting air and other gas mixes, free from adhesives, fibres, with dust and other solids content up to 100 mg/m3. Go to

High pressure radial fans ВВД

High pressure radial fans ВВД-5, ВВД-6.3, ВВД-7, ВВД-7Д are designed for transporting aspirated waste and ground materials in the pneumatic transport systems of flour mill equipment, and also in the cereals production lines. Go to

Low pressure fans

Fans are designed to move air flow in ventilation systems. Go to

Discharging cyclones БЦР

Cyclones of the БЦР brand are designed for dry air purification in pneumatic conveying systems and aspiration networks. Used in grain processing, flour milling and feed mills. Go to

Fans ВР

Fans BP (radial fans) are designed in the system of air conditioning, ventilation, air heating etc. Go to