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Column magnetic КМ

Column magnetic brand KM is designed to isolate metal-magnetic impurities from bulk grain products.


Column magnetic brand KM is designed to isolate metal-magnetic impurities from bulk grain products.

Magnetic columns are used for cleaning metal-magnetic impurities of grain raw materials and finished products at the enterprises of the milling, grain, feed industry, elevators. Magnetic impurities enter the product as a result of friction or destruction of metal parts of equipment and gravity.

The need to isolate a metal-magnetic impurity is regulated by quality standards for flour, cereals and by-products. In addition, magnetic particles falling into grain cleaning and grinding machines can cause sparking or damage expensive equipment.


Parameter КМ-12 КМ-20 КМ-50 КМ-100
1. Capacity, t/h 12 20 50 100
2. Magnetic induction in the center of working gaps, mTl, min 100 100 100 100
3. The number of magnetic blocks, pcs 1 1 1 3
4. Overall dimensions, mm:
     - length 480 500 678 430
     - width 320 380 400 430
     - height 836 836 836 707
5.Weight, kg, max: - - 100 97

Structure and working process of magnetic column:

The design of the magnetic column consists of a housing and from 1-3 magnetic blocks mounted in the middle of the column. Magnets attract metal-magnetic impurities (particles of ore, metal, metal chips, etc.) in the flow of grain raw materials or finished products.

In the columns of the brand KM-12, KM-20, and KM-50, the magnetic unit is mounted on the door. The magnet is cleaned when the door is opened and the magnetic unit is pulled out of the column body without stopping the product supply.

Three magnetic plates are installed in the KM-100 magnetic column. To clean the magnets, the plates are stretched and cleaned manually outside the column.

Magnetic speakers are installed in vertical drums in places convenient for maintenance by technical personnel.

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