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Bucket elevator

Bucket elevators are designed for operating within the process flow with the continuous indoor or outdoor mode for vertical transportation of grains and their products at elevators, flour mills, feedstuff and other grain processing facilities. Go to

Screw conveyors Ш-100, Ш-160, Ш-200

Screw conveyors are designed for horizontal inclined transportation of grains and finish products with humidity no more than 25%. Go to

Auger bucket loader Р6-КШП

Auger bucket loader Р6-КШП-6 is designed for loading of grain and corn on the cob from the ground storage space in the car on the transporters, and other receiving devices, and can also be used for working inside the warehouse. Go to

Belt conveyor ТЛБ

Belt conveyor ТЛБ is designed for horizontal and inclined (30º) transportation of bulk grain material and finish product with humidity no more than 15%. Go to

Belt rollerless conveyor KLB

Belt rollerless conveyors are stationary conveyors for horizontal or inclined transportation of grain or processed product. Go to

Screw conveyor KS

Screw conveyor is designed for horizontal or inclined transportation of bulk product (it's perhaps to move in vertical surface, but not so often). Go to

KLR belt roller conveyor

KLR belt roller conveyor is a high-efficiency continuous transporter, despite the transported product - aggressive or sensitive. The conveyor transports the materials not only carefully and reliably, but also economically, with little electricity consumption. Go to