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Corn groats mill

Productivity: 48-56 tons/day of grain. Industrial building: hangar type building - metal frame sheathed with sandwiches with insulation. The range of finished products: 1. Cereals: polished five-dimensional; large for flakes; small for chopsticks. 2. Flour. 3. Germ. The technological process consists of the following operations: acceptance of raw materials from motor vehicles, pre-cleaning, accounting of incoming raw materials for storage (burial pit, drum scalper, grain-cleaning separator, silo-type granary); supply of raw materials to the production building, cleaning of raw materials to basic conditions, separation of small corn, registration of raw materials and waste entering processing (weight dosing units, grain cleaning separators, magnetic separators, air separators, stone separator, pneumatic sorting table); hydrothermal processing of grain (auger of intensive moistening of grain, grain preheating bunker, continuous steamer, steam dryer, cooling column); grinding, sorting, isolation and drying of the embryo, fractionation (degerminator, pneumatic sorting tables, air separators, magnetic separators, sieving grain, roller machines); cereal control, flour selection (screening machines, screening, magnetic separators, air separators); vyby or packing of grain, flour (accumulative capacities of finished goods, weighing machine, filling machine); waste is provided by pneumatic transport to the feed production line.

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