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Oat flakes production line

Technological lines for the production of instant cereals and cereals requiring cooking. Productivity is from 600 kg / hour.


55-60 tons per day;

18-24 tons per day, flakes «Herkules».

Production building: Hangar type building. Metal skeleton trimmed by heater.

Technological process consists of the following operations:

  • Delivery of pre-cleaned grain from warehouse to workshop (bucket conveyors, screw conveyors);
  • Grain weighing and cleaning (doser, cleaning machines, magnetic cleaning machines, air separators and stone separator);
  • Hydrothermal treatment of grain (bin of pre-heating of grain, steamer, dryer completed with cooler);
  • Fractionating, dehulling and sorting (roll hullers, centrifugal hullers, air separators, sifting machines);
  • Flakes production line (magnetic cleaning machines, packing machine, cooking machines, air vibration dryers, flattening machines);
  • Hydrothermal treatment of groats (steamer PZ-3 (cooking));
  • Flatting and drying of flakes (flattening machines, air vibration dryers);
  • Control of flakes;
  • Cooling and packaging of flakes (thickener, packing machine);
  • This is provided the delivery of waste to feedstuff production line by pneumatic.

Assortment of finished production:

  • Oat groats uncrushed (high and the first sorts);
  • Small oats;
  • Oat flakes “Herkules”.

Completed projects:

  • Flake production line with the capacity of 600-800 kg/h of grain, Tsmolas Parish, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland.
  • ОOvsozavod 80 t/day of grain, cereal line 1000-1200 kg/hour of grain, Tabunsky elevator, GRANA Group of Companies, Altai Krai, Russian Federation.
  • The set of technological equipment for the oatmeal line, Melnik LLC - Minusinsk dar, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russian Federation.
  • A set of equipment for a universal flake line with a capacity of 72 tons/day. Flakes and a set of equipment for a buck factory 120 tons/day.
  • Feed Flake Production Line Increased Productivity - Serbia for Croatia
  • Equipment for a line of oat flakes and peeling - Elita-Marketing LLC, Oryol Region, Lavrovo, Russian Federation.