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Scientific-industrial corporation


company with limited responsibility

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Feedstuff production

SIC “AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” develops and implements turnkey feedstuff plants with the capacity from 17 to 750 t/day for domestic animals:

Ready-made business projects of turnkey feedstuff plants:

  • Feedstuff production
  • Module feedstuff units
  • Mini Feedstuff Unit МКУ-0,7
  • Mini Feedstuff Unit МКУ-1,5
  • Mini Feedstuff Unit МКУ-3

Equipment for feedstuff manufacturing of different capacities and process flow stages:

1. Raw material cleaning from impurities (Grain cleaning separators БСХ-100, БСХM-16, БСХ-12, БСХ-6, БСХ-300, БСХ-3-01, Stone separator Р3-БКТ-100, ПКВ-3, Cylinder separator БТХМ, Р6-TЦ-500, Р6-ТЦ-700, Gravity table separator ПСС, Air separator АСХ-2.5, АСХ-5, АСХ-10, Aspirating chamber БСХ-100, Turboseparator ТС, Magnetic separator Б8-БММ, Б8-БМП)

1.1. Special grain material preparation:

1.1.1. Barley and oats hulling (Horizontal dehuller Р3-БГО-6 и Р3-БГО-8, Centrifugal huller СИМО ЦШС-3)

1.1.2. Grain flattening (Flattening machine ПС-400, ПС-600)

2. Grinding (Vertical mill А1-ВМ2Р-22Б, Hammermill ДМ-2Р, Grinder ИС-1, Roll machines Р6-БЗН-М and А1-БЗН)

3. Dosing prepared ingredients (batchers - dosers)

4. Mixing and mix composition control (Mixer ЗМГ-400, ЗМГ-1000, ЗМГ-2000, ЗМГ-4000, ЗСЛ-1000, ЗСЛ-4000)

5. Granulation of feedstuff, feed concentrates and protein-vitamin supplements (granulators)

6. Packing and packaging products into bags (packers)

The company provides the full range of turnkey plant development services:


1. High quality of equipment – 15-month warranty.

2. The quality of finished products, manufactured on the equipment, is higher than state standards.

3. The finished product output rate is above standards.

The equipment has all the necessary permits, EU declarations for the European Union and also it necessarily has declarations of conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union (the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic).

For EU countries, equipment accompanied by an EU declaration as required by the directives:

  • 2006/42/EU,
  • 2014/35/EU,
  • 2014/30/EU.