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Scientific-industrial corporation


company with limited responsibility

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Production facilities

The production, research and testing site of SIC “AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” is located at the facilities of the largest grain processing equipment manufacturers PJSC Mogilyov-Podolsk machine building plant and Montazhnik-K LLC. New machines and equipment are regularly tested there.

JSC Khorol mechanical plant

JSC Khorol mechanical plant manufactures grain cleaning separators, flour and cereal sives and sifting machines, as well as a wide range of grain mills, bucket conveyors, screw conveyors and various equipment for cereals manufacturing. The machinery produced by the plant includes over 70 units.

«Montazhnik-K LLC»

«Montazhnik-K LLC» has equipment that allows manufacturing machines and mechanisms for various branches of modern industry, as well as producing capacitive equipment of 1-100 m3, operating pressure of 0.07-2.5 MPa, in temperature ranges of operation from minus 60 °С to plus 350 °С.

The factory competently and professionally produced design and technological design equipment, taking into account all customer requirements. The company is comprehensively developing and improving itself. The organization of production makes it possible to efficiently and efficiently, with minimal labor costs and in terms established under contracts with customers to fulfill orders. The machine park is updated and modernized, equipment with software is in priority.


Private entrepreneur «ГЛОБАЛМЕТСЕРВІС»

Private entrepreneur «ГЛОБАЛМЕТСЕРВИС» manufacture high quality metal production (production of any units, aggregate, assembled parts and other details). The basic purpose is high-precision laser cutting of various materials and high-precision bending by modern CNC machines. Modern production facilities let fulfill orders of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

    • Laser cutting of materials: Precision laser system with CNC BODOR C3Fiber
      • Maximum size of sheet is 3000х1500 mm;
      • Minimum size of cutting step is 0,1 mm;
      • Maximum table load is 900 kg;
      • Laser source is 12 kWt;
      • The cutting is carried out in air or oxygen/nitrogen;
      • Maximum thickness of sheet is: 45 mm of carbon steel (Q235А); 410 mm of stainless steel (ASSI 201)
    • Materials bending: Hydraulic unbending press of CNC Inanlar HAP 170 30/25 Prestige
      • Length of bending is 3050 mm;
      • Rated force is 170 t;
      • Distance between supports of frame is 2550 mm;
      • Number of controlled axis – 6 pcs. (X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2);

The company also carries out pre-rolling of cowling and side-walls, produces spherical, elliptical, torospheric bottoms and plugs; does electric-weld and painting works, mechanical processing of units and parts.

Black steel, thickness 25 mm, air, flange for degerminator. Cutting time 3 minutes:

Stainless steel, air, thickness 30 mm, time - 1 minute 40 seconds:

40 mm with oxygen in 1 minute 20 seconds: