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Modern technological equipment for grain processing from SIC «AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD»

Our core competency is technology development and manufacturing of technological equipment for grain processing. We also offer assembly, adjusting, warranty and post warranty services.

Type of machines

We have wild assortment of our products. So, we offer:

- Equipment for hydrothermal equipment. It includes steamers, dryers, humidifiers for improve the consumer properties of cereals.

- Equipment for grain cleaning. There are washers, grain-cleaning separators, destoners, indented cylinders in this category. They designed to remove dirty and impurity from the grain.

- Equipment for grain fractioning and sorting. It includes plansifters, sieves for control quality of grain, cereal and intermediate products.

- Equipment for grain dehulling, polishing and milling. There are roller machines, impact dehullers, roller dehullers, shelling machines, grinders in this category. These machines are used on first stage of grain processing.

- Equipment for flaking and drying. These are air vibration dryers and flaking mills which designed for flaking mills.

- Equipment for grinding and feedstuff mixing. It includes mixers and mills which helps to mix and grind feed into a homogeneous mixture.

- Weight equipment. This equipment designed for weighing and dozing products.

- Equipment for transportation, aspiration and ventilation. It includes bucket elevators, screw conveyours, fans and cyclone cleaning rigs. These are necessary additional equipment for grain processing.

Basic part of the equipment developed by our specialists. Equipment is high effective new product. It protected by patents and has a factory warranty. The machines for grain processing are competitive and has short payback period due to high yield of finish product. Customers from 14 countries can confirm it.

Stages of cooperation with SIC «AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD»

On the first stage, the customer gets acquainted with the range of products and advises purpose and conditions. Afterword, there are following stages:

- choosing of equipment;

- designing and construction taking into account the wishes for productivity, energy consumption and types of raw materials , if the customer need a new model or modernization of current equipment;

- manufacturing of technological equipment. Production time is from 60 to 110 days depending on the type of installation and seasonality;

- delivery;

- installation supervision and assembly of technological equipment. Besides, specialists of SIC «AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD» carry out staff training for managing of equipment. Thus, the customer gets fully operational grain processing line with high profitability and quality.