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Concentrator КЗХ-9

Concentrator КЗХ-9 intended for wheat grain classification, and for density classification of other cereals also (barley, oat).

Purpose of equipment:

Concentrator КЗХ-9 (hereinafter - concentrator) intended for wheat grain classification, and for density classification of other cereals also (barley, oat).

Concentrator designed according to 3rd category of State Standard (GOST 15150, climatic execution “У”) for domestic market and export to temperate countries. Concentrator should operate in working terms at the temperature from -10°С to +40°С. Relative humidity should be 80% if average annual temperature is +15°С and atmosphere pressure is 650-800 mmHg (86,6 – 106,7 kPa). Operation mode: 1 shift, 2 shifts, 3 shifts. Specifications.

Name of indicators Value
Capacity (nominal), kg/hour 6500
Table oscillation frequency, per min. 920
Table oscillation amplitude, mm 2-6

Sieve frame:

  • Number
  • Square, m2
  • Dimensions, mm



The efficiency of the separation of wheat grain by fractions, %

  • Heavy
  • Mixed
  • Waste



Required air flow, m3/hour, not more 3900
Installed power, kWt 0,37

Dimensions, mm:

  • length
  • width
  • eight



Weight, kg, not more 670

Mechanism and operating. 

Concentrator consist of the frame, sieve housing, receiver, aspiration chamber and electromechanical vibrator.  The sieve housing suspended on 4 suspensions (angle to the vertical is 15º ± 0,5). It consist of two sidewalls interconnected by transverse crossbars and braces.

Product come from loading nozzle and receiver. Then product evenly distributed on the first sieve frame. There is fluidised layer of product due to the combined effect of body vibrations and air blowing. This fluidised layer sorted by thickness itself: heavy fraction go down, light fraction go up.

Sand and broken grain selected on first sieve frame. Then product move on second sieve frame. At the beginning, the heavy fraction selected from lower layer of product. Afterwards mixed fraction did. (Mixed fraction appear as a result of sieve of heavy and more light fractions partly). The heavy and mixed cereal fractions are separated by control valve. After second sieve frame, the light fraction is not so valuable (puny grain and impurities). The machine has adjustments, which help to achieve high technological efficiency. It have vibrator amplitude adjustment, air valves in the aspiration chamber, control of sieve housing angle, adjustment of the slit width from the second sieve frame. When the frequency converter installed it is also possible to adjust the frequency of rotation of the vibrator.

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