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Mixer ЗСЛ-4000

The mixer is designed to mix the components of animal feed after batch dosing. It is allowed for mixing mineral fertilizers. The mixer can be used in feed mills and in workshops for the production of concentration mixtures.


Batch operated horizontal scraping-blade mixer ZSL-4000 is designed for mixing of compound feed components after batch dosing. Size of individual mixing components should be in the range of 0,1 to 3,0 mm. Mixer can be applied at the animal feed production plants and for production of enrichment mixtures.

There is also N-ZSL-4000 model designed for mixing of food concentrates or premixes. Mixer details, which contact with mixing products, are made of stainless steel.


Parameter ЗСЛ - 4000
1. Capacity: max 2 000 kg/cycle
2. Volume max 4 m3
3. Mix homogeneity rate max 95 %
4. Mixing cycle:
     - time for loading 0,5 min.
     - time for mixing 2,5 min.
     - time for unloading 0,5 min.
5. Rotor speed 47 ± 3 RPM
6. Installed power 45 kW
7. Dimensions, mm:
     - length 3 512
     - width 1 812
     - height 2 575
8. Weight, kg:
     - mixer 2 600
     - drive 1 200

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