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Universal groats mill

Universal cereal mill of producing of the following cereal and flakes types: wheat cereal, barley cereal, oat cereal, oat flour, any flakes.


    • Wheat and barley: 55-60 t/d of grain;
    • Oats: 40-49 t/d of grain;
    • Cereal flakes: 15-18 t/d of flakes;
    • Oat flour: 10 t/d of flour.

Industrial building: hangar type building, metal frame covered by sandwich panel.

Range of finish product:

    • Barley cereal №1, №2, №3;
    • “Poltavskaya” cereal, wheat cereal №1, №2, №3, №4, «Artek» cereal;
    • Uncrushed oat cereal, oat flour;
    • Oat flakes “Herkules”, wheat flakes, barley flakes, pearl barley flakes (if there are other types of cereal (groats) in place, it will be perhaps to produce relevant types of flakes).

The technological process consists of the following operations:

    • Pre-cleaned grain supply from the warehouse to production hall (belt conveyors and bucket elevators);
    • Weighing of grain and cleaning from impurities (weigh hopper, grain-cleaning separators, magnetic separators, destoners);
    • Hydrothermal grain processing (hopper of grain preheating, steamers, steam dryers, cooling column);
    • Fractioning, dehulling, sorting (shelling machines, impact dehullers, vibro- centrifugal, air separators, plansifters, roll mills);
    • Kernel milling, flour control (plansifters, roll mills);
    • Cereal control (table separators, plansifters, magnetic separators, air separators);
    • Weighing and packing or prepacking of cereal and flour (storage hoppers for finish product, weighing and packing device, automatic filling machine);
    • Flakes processing line (magnetic separators, packing device, cookers, air vibration dryers, flaking mills);
    • Cereal cooking (hopper of cereal pre-heating, steamer of continuous motion);
    • Flaking and drying of flakes (flaking mill, air vibration dryers);
    • Cooling and prepacking of flakes (concentrator, filling machine);
    • Possibility of supply of waste to feedstuff processing line by pneumatic transport.

Our last projects of universal cereal mills:

    • Universal cereal mill with capacity of 55-60 t/day of grain, LLC Ekor, Ternopol. More details>>>;
    • Equipment set for millet and pea processing line with capacity of 28-30 t/day of grain – LLC "Ukragrotrading ", Khmelnitsky city, Ukraine. More details>>>
    • Equipment set for universal flakes processing line with capacity of 72 t/day of flakes, and equipment set for buckwheat mill with capacity of 120 t/day of grain, LLC «Central Cereal Company", Orel region, Russia. More details>>>
    • Universal cereal mill with capacity of 45-60 t/day of grain, company "Milviteka", Lithuania;
    • Universal cereal mill for barley processing, with capacity of 45-50 t/day of grain, Kaunas, Lithuania;
    • Universal cereal mill (wheat, barley, pea) with capacity of 45-60 t/day of grain, Kharkov city, Ukraine;
    • Cereal mill designing (turn-key mill) - universal cereal mill (wheat, barley, pea) with capacity of 50-60 t/day of grain - «Kurskaya khlebnaya base № 24», Kursk, Russia.