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Turnkey plants

Nowadays grain production lines (flour, flakes, groats and feedstuff) become more and more popular. They are very interesting for agribusiness holding companies and major agricultural producers in view of economic efficiency and constant demand of these products.
Since 1999 the company has built 106 turnkey groats mills, reconstructed and commissioned cereal flakes production lines and feedstuff plants; successfully installed and operated the patented equipment at over 3218 processing facilities and elevators.

Taking into account the demand on construction of turnkey plants, SIC “AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” offers service for organization of complete turnkey plants for processing of grain. We create, install and commission plants and lines for grain processing of different capacity.

“AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” offers full cycle turnkey production plants:

SIC “AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” produces several kinds of lines:

  • turnkey plants for grain production: buckwheat, oat, wheat, millet, corn, pearl, peeled barley and peas. Also there are universal groats mills, which produce wheat, barley and peas groats using the same equipment according to combined process diagram.
  • turnkey plants for flakes production from: rice, oat, barley, wheat and peas.
  • flour mills (from 30 to 250 tons per day), module mini-mills (from 7 to 50 tons per day), where can be used the different grain: wheat, rye, oats and corn.
  • mini-feedstuff units for production of feedstuff for cattle, chicken, rabbits and goats.

All these lines are offered to be installed on a turnkey basis; they have 15 months guarantee, as well as all licenses and permits of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of near and far abroad. This equipment is designed to get high-quality grain products,which answer to the current standards.


1. High quality of equipment – 15-month warranty.

2. The quality of finished products, manufactured on the equipment, is higher than state standards.

3. The finished product output rate is above standards.

The equipment has all the necessary permits, EU declarations for the European Union and also it necessarily has declarations of conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union (the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic).

For EU countries, equipment accompanied by an EU declaration as required by the directives:

  • 2006/42/EU,
  • 2014/35/EU,
  • 2014/30/EU.