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Scientific-industrial corporation


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Automated control systems

One of the main fields of work of SIC “AGRO-SIMO-MASHBUD” is providing services in the field of automation of technological processes.

The company provides a full set of services for the development and implementation of automated control systems for grain processing companies. Starting from drawing up the technical specification and to commissioning of the equipment at customer. It helps you to carry out all works without intermediaries. It allows you to get all guarantees on time and with high quality.

The company offers full technical and information support throughout the entire period of cooperation. Also the standard range of services includes:

  • preliminary examination of the automation object and remedial action if it has place in in existing automation systems. Optimization and modernization
  • system analysis and advice when choosing equipment
  • drawing up technical specifications
  • development of design and estimate documentation
  • control system design, including software and hardware resources
  • manufacturing and supply of equipment according to design and estimate documentation
  • installation and commissioning works
  • staff training in the workplace, if it's necessary
  • warranty and post-warranty service of the supplied equipment

The main principles of the company are an individual approach to the choice of technical solutions and equipment, effective binding of control systems to technological processes, high speed and quality of development and implementation.

Automation system includes:

  • Power board
  • Control board
  • Control stations

Power board designed to control the mechanisms electric drives and units of hydrothermal treatment process. Power board assembled on metal basis of company «Rittal». Circuit breakers, tires and switchgear are by “Siemens”. This board have protection level IP55. The board equipped with climate control system and filters, as well as local lighting. Power supply voltage is 3~50Hz, 380V with grounding - TN-C-S (on agreement of the parties).

Control station (PC with display and power supply) provides a visualization system and control of technological process scheme based Simatic WinCC. It provides archiving of ongoing processes on the hard disk.

Control board designed for collection and control of information from field devices of hydrothermal treatment units. Control board assembled on metal basis of company «Rittal». Controller “Siemens”. Provided galvanic isolation of all input and output signals. The connection of the controller with an external control system can be provided by the PROFINET, PROFIBUS protocols. Control board is provided with an uninterruptible power supply. This board have protection level IP55. The board equipped with climate control system and filters, as well as local lighting.

Power supply voltage is 50 Hz, 220 V (AC).

Voltage of control elements is 24 V (DC).


1. High quality of equipment – 15-month warranty.

2. The quality of finished products, manufactured on the equipment, is higher than state standards.

3. The finished product output rate is above standards.

The equipment has all the necessary permits, EU declarations for the European Union and also it has declarations of conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union (the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic).

For EU countries, equipment is accompanied by an EU declaration as required by directives (2006/42/ EU, 2014/35/ EU, 2014/30/ EU).