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Buckwheat mills

Short profile of production facilities characteristics

Production facility: buckwheat and millet mill (processing line of buckwheat and millet grain).

Productivity: 55-60 t/day of grain.

Industrial building: reinforced concrete building.

The technological process consists of the following operations:

  • Pre-cleaned grain supply from the warehouse to production hall (belt conveyors and bucket elevators);
  • Weighing of grain and cleaning from impurities (weigh hopper, grain-cleaning separators, magnetic separators, air separators, destoners, gravity table separators);
  • Hydrothermal grain processing (screw of intensive humidification, hopper of grain preheating, steamers, steam dryers);
  • Fractioning, dehulling, sorting (plansifters, air separators, roll hullers);
  • Cereal control (magnetic separators, table separators, plansifters, air separators);
  • Weighing and packing or prepacking of cereal (storage hoppers for finish product, weighing and packing devices, automatic filling machines).

Range of finish product:

Type of cereal: buckwheat, broken buckwheat groats, polished millet

Our last projects of buckwheat mills:

  • Buckwheat plant 32-34 t/day of grain, UŽDAROJI AKCINĖ BENDROVĖ UAB "Lašų duona", Lithuania More>>>
  • Buckwheat plant 55 t/day of grain, Mibeko LLP, Kostanay region, Kazakhstan More>>>
  • Buckwheat plant 100 tons/day of grain, LLC "Khmelnitsk Mlyn", Khmelnitsky region, Art. Skibnevo More>>>
  • Buckwheat plant 55-60 tons/day of grain, LLC Spectr, Abdulino, Orenburg Region, Russian Federation More>>>


  • Buckwheat plant 55-60 t/d of grain ГК KurskZernoProm SC, Paritet Invest LLC, Company, Kursk Region, pos. Cheremisino More>>>
  • Buckwheat plant 72 t/day of grain, LLC Sudarushka, Oryol Oblast, Russian Federation
  • Buckwheat plant 24 t/day of grain, LLC "Perevolotsky elevator", Orenburg region, Russia More>>>


  • Buckwheat plant 24 tons/day of grain, LLC “Melnik”, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russian Federation More>>>
  • Buckwheat mill 55-60 t/d of grain and universal cereal mill 50-55 t/d of grain, LLC “RANOK”, LLC “OLYMP”, Kharkov region, Ukraine.

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