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Universal cereal plant (wheat, barley, peas) with a productivity of 32 ... 36 t / day of grain

The process equipment set is designed for processing a number of grain crops: wheat, barley and pea.

Uses. The process equipment set is designed for processing a number of grain crops: wheat, barley and pea. The specific feature of this buckwheat cereal process technology is its interchangeability of the process flow with the possibility to process millet grain into polished millet cereal.

The universal compatible process flow is flexible and allows for manufacturing products from the above crops on the same process equipment. Transferring from one crop to another requires replacement of sieves in sifting machines, gate valves, selection of the number of hulling systems and, respectively, adjustment of the operation mode for each piece of the process equipment. The specific feature of the interchangeable process flow is the use of the same grain cleaning compartment and the hydrothermal unit for the above grain crops, which enables to improve not only the grain process properties, useful qualities of the finished products, but also save energy costs for product hulling and polishing considerably.

Premises. The most economical way is to use existing premises and reconstruct them, adapting for the new production process. This will cut capital investments significantly. The equipment set is placed in a pre-fabricated or monolith concrete five storey building or a pre-fabricated metalwork building, faced with sandwich panels. This building must have reinforced concrete floors, size in layout 12 × 18 m, the height of floors 1-4 is 3,0 m; the height of floor 5 – 5,5 m.

Power resources supply. The installed power of the wheat/barley processing equipment is 214,0 kW; of pea processing equipment is 224,0 kW.

To steam and dry it is required to provide saturated steam. The steam flow for processing one ton of buckwheat grain is 500 - 700 kg. Steam pressure at the steam distribution comb in the production shop is 0,6 … 0,8 MPa. Therewith it is more reasonable to use the boilers, powered by hull, or to adapt the boilers, powered by solid fuel, to hull combustion

Process flow control. The plant is controlled from a computerized workstation.

The required number of the service staff per shift is 8 people.

Operation mode is 24 hours a day: three shifts by 8 hours or 2 shifts by 12 hours each.

The actual output of cereal under processing the grain of basic conditions (high-silicon varieties):

    • Pearl barley cereal (5 grades) – 73 - 75 %;
    • Fine barley (3 grades) – 78 - 80 %;
    • Wheat cereal – 75 - 78 %;
    • Pea cereal – 82 - 83 %.

Process equipment set

Position Name Code
Essential process equipment
1.1, 1.2 Grain cleaning separator БСХ-3
2 Air separator АСХ-5
3 Gravity table separator ПСС
4 Cylinder separator (cockle cylinder) БТХМ-2-02
5 Steamer (0,5 m³) ПЗ-2
6 Dryer (5 drying units + 1 cooler) ВС-10М
7 Horizontal huller (abrasive cylinder) Р3-БГО-6
8.1… 8.10 Air separator АСХ-2,5
9.1… 9.12 Magnetic separator Б8-БМП
10.1… 10.4 Hulling and polishing machine Р6-МШ
11 Grinder ИС-1
12 Degerminator СИМО ДС-2
14 Self-balancing sifting machine РК-4
15 Bin scales Норма-ТМ
16 Semiautomatic batch doser Норма-С
17 Bag packer К4-БУВ
18 Screw conveyor (steam) Ш-200
19 Rolling mill ВМ-2П
20 Horizontal huller Р3-БГО-6
Transport equipment
21.1 … 21.15 Bucket conveyor Н-5
22.1 … 22.15 Explosion vent ВЗРВ
23.1, 23.2 Screw conveyor Ш-160
Ventilation, aspiration and pneumatic transport system equipment
31.1 Battery cyclone unit with a gate valve ББЦп-550
31.2 ББЦп-350
31.3 ББЦп-450
31.4 ББЦп-450
31.5 ББЦп-275
31.6 ББЦп-450
31.7 ББЦп-350
32.1 Fan ВРП-6,3.5
32.2 Fan ВРП-4.1
32.3 Fan ВРП-4.4
32.4 Fan ВРП-4.4
32.5 Fan ВВД-5
32.6 Fan ВРП-4.4
32.7 Fan ВЦ 6-28 №6,3
33.1 Fan ВРП-6,3.1
33.2 Fan ВРП-4.4
33.3 Fan ВВД-5
33.4 Fan ВВД-5
34 Pneumatic receiving unit "T-tube"
Additional equipment
41.1 … 41.5 Steam air heater ПНП-113-304-02
42.1, 42.2 Condensate pump ВК-1/16
43 Receiver V = 1 m³
44 Condensate tank №10
45 Screw compressor Zenit 7,5 НР
46.1 … 46.4 Flow divider КДР-7
47.1 … 47.13 Gate valve КОР-12
48.1 … 48.11 Slide gate valve ---
49.1 … 49.4 Rack and pinion gate ТЗР-200
70.1, 70.2 Rack and pinion gate ТЗР-300
51 Processing bin  
52 Storage bin  
Total installed power of wheat/barley processing - 214 kW
Total installed power of pea processing - 224 kW

The process equipment set for the universal groats mill may be delivered without a hydrothermal treatment unit. In this case the lines to be excluded from the specification are:

Position Name Code
5 Steamer (0,5 m³) ПЗ-2
6 Dryer (5 drying units + 1 cooler) ВС-10М
21.1 … 21.15 Bucket conveyor Н-5
18 Screw conveyor (steam) Ш-200
33.1 Fan ВРП-6,3.1
33.2 Fan ВРП-4.4
51 Processing bin (before hydrothermal treatment) V = 0,6 m³
52 Over-the-drier hopper V = 1,6 m³
41.1 … 41.5 Steam air heater ПНП-113-304-02